Mortgage lender in a Box

A game-changing competitive advantage for housebuilders and a revolution for homebuyers. By offering in-house financing options, housebuilders can attract more buyers, increase their sales, reduce completion times, improve customer satisfaction, Control mortgage terms, deposits and interest rates

Customer First

Place your ideal customers first with mortgage products optimised to meet their needs. Target different market segments with niched products and instantly adapt to changing market conditions with your own financial products.

Cashflow is king

Increase revenue and cashflow. Give your business certainty with fast completions, income producing loans as tradable assets from a completely outsourced mortgage operation that you control.

No Senior Debt

Issue short, medium and long-term mortgages without having to borrow the money to finance your customers. The Lenuity enterprise ecosystem standardises mortgages so they can be openly traded on the secondary market, whilst continuing to provide loan serving so that investors do not need to be licensed mortgage lenders.

Prime whole mortgages offer investors one of the safest most secure highly regulated investments backed by real assets. Mortgages managed by Lenuity have the convenience of being a hands-off secure openly tradable investment.


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Empower Your Customers to Achieve Their Dreams: Lenuity's Enterprise Finance Software for Housebuilders